Dementia Care

At A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services our most prominent diagnosis that our team works with is Dementia. In our adult day care center, we have “interactive” decor, such as our wall of hats, handbags and scarves.  Friends are encouraged to dress up and have fun with whatever they choose.  Each handbag also has some bright colored jewelry, like clip earrings, necklaces and brooches that are appealing to the eyes and touch of those with various levels of dementia.  One of 

the handbags is covered in white beads that is also positively stimulating to the touch for those with more advanced dementia. In our Quiet Lounge at the adult day care center, we have a basket full of colorful doilies that are great for sorting by colors or to enjoy the touch sensory of the fabrics.


Daily Meal

Many seniors left alone during the day go without or forget to eat. At A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services our team prepares home-cooked meals for lunch served every day at Noon.  Meals are included with our Deluxe and Premier Services packages and can be added to our Basic Service package as desired.  

Each meal is cooked in our adult day care center and served with love in our farmhouse dining room. Friends are served on real plates with real utensils and glassware.  We serve family-style and our team members eat together with our Friends to encourage socialization which increases intake and allows for mirroring when necessary.  Theme meals are also served around the holidays.


Assisted Care

At A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services our adult day care team is available for assistance with our Friends’ Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  We offer assistance with medication reminders, standby assistance with walking with or without a device, transfer assistance, toileting assistance as well as dressing as needed. Friends are requested to bring a change of clothes and all supplies necessary upon engaging in our services on Day 1. Their belongings are stored away until the day more assistance is needed.


Many seniors need simple reminders and supervision during the day to remain safe and independent with many of their daily tasks. At A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services our team is always available for those simple or constant reminders to allow for our Friends’ greatest independence.  Whether due from a dementia diagnosis or from a past stroke that inhibits the senior’s safety awareness or ability to achieve tasks independently, our team at the adult day care center is there for the supervision and assistance necessary. 

Respite Care

Many family caregivers still are required to work or desire to return to the workforce, A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services offers our Premier Services package, a full day package, to assist and supervise their loved one while they are away for the day. Our adult day care team is also available for family caregivers that need a “break” or need a day away for self care or  personal appointments. Our Basic or Deluxe Services packages offer as little as three hours or up to five hours of adult day care services.  Our packages are designed to assist any level of adult day care needed. 

Medicaid Waiver

A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services offers services covered by the Medicaid Waiver program through CICOA. Medicaid Waiver pays for 100% of the services in an adult day care center like ours. For more information on becoming eligible for waiver coverage, please complete a contact form and we’ll follow up.