Caregiver Burnout Support

Caregiver Burnout Support is temporary care for a loved one that allows the primary caregiver time away from the responsibilities as a caregiver. The primary caregiver could use that time to visit other friends or family, to leave the house, to run errands or just give them a much-needed break. For whatever reason, respite care should give the caregiver peace of mind to get on with other things without having to constantly worry, “Is my loved one OK?”

In addition to offering a break for the caregiver, Caregiver Burnout Support can also help the senior by letting him or her interact with someone other than the primary caregiver in a safe and supportive environment.

A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services offers our Premier Services package, a full day package, to assist and supervise their loved one while they are away for the day.

Our adult day care team is also available for family caregivers that need a “break” or need a day away for self care or  personal appointments. Our Basic or Deluxe Services packages offer as little as three hours or up to five hours of adult day care services.  Our packages are designed to assist any level of adult day care needed.