Assisted Care

Activities of daily living (ADLs) refer to the common, everyday tasks people learn to do to become self-sufficient. The simple term for daily activities include bathing, eating and dressing. Every person must learn them to remain independent and healthy. As people age or become ill, the body and mind loses dexterity, balance, motor skills and the brain’s keen awareness of the body’s signals. For this reason, as people age, they need help from other human beings to accomplish them.

At A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services our adult day care team is available for assistance with our Friends’ Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

We offer assistance with medication reminders, standby assistance with walking with or without a device, transfer assistance, toileting assistance as well as dressing as needed. Friends are requested to bring a change of clothes and all supplies necessary upon engaging in our services on Day 1. Their belongings are stored away until the day more assistance is needed.

We also offer daily intergenerational interaction with young “Kinderprep” friends visiting and playing games with our senior friends.